Oven baked dog food

We will admit, the Magnusson family is perhaps a bit unusual. For example, we are the only dog food manufacturers in Scandinavia who oven bake our dog food.

Oven baking is a slow process, which both requires more time and limits our production capacity. However, the advantages are so many that we actually feel it’s worthwhile.

First of all, oven baking is both a mild and gentle process, which safe-guards the benefits of the protein and the vitamins in the best of ways. Secondly, the food is more tasty and easily digested. Oven baking protects the flavours and aromas of the ingredients which means that we, as supposed to many other manufacturers, don’t need to add flavour enhancers.

Last but not least, we don’t need to spray the pellets with fat, which means the food neither smells bad nor is it sticky. All in all, it means Magnusson’s dog food is as natural and nutritious as is possible. And tasty – but that goes without saying!

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Where to find Magnussons’ Dog food – Find stores


Our guess is that the first thing you look at when buying food for your best friend, is the list of ingredients. What is the origin of the food? Does it contain any strange additives? Is the meat fresh? The way we see it, raw ingredients are the be all end all. That’s why we at Magnussons will only use ingredients from Sweden in our dog food and preferably ingredients from local, nearby farms.