Our Production

At Magnussons we have manufactured dog food here at the farm in Bro, long before small-scale and local production became the flavour of the month. That means we have never been forced to compromise when it comes to sustainability or quality.

We are in control of every single step in the chain

Thanks to our small-scale production we are in control of every single step in the chain, from raw ingredients to the ready-made dog food. It all takes place here in our factory, where we receive daily deliveries of fresh meat, eggs and vegetables. This is where we mix, bake and finally package the food, all under one roof.

Just like our butchers and farmers, we care for the environment and the well-being of animals. That is why we are demanding when it comes to sustainability, every step of the way. And just like our suppliers, we too are regularly scrutinized by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, to ensure we abide by the Swedish regulations.

Just to make sure, we are also checked upon through our BIO & KRAV- and IP FOOD certifications for organic food, which means you can rest assured.

We are the only manufacturer of dog food in Sweden with the mark of origin Från Sverige.

This means we can trace the origin of and control all our Swedish raw ingredients. This makes us somewhat unique.

Another important reason for us wanting to make all our dog food ourselves, using only Swedish raw ingredients, is taste.
Taste is also the reason we manufacture our food in a unique way – we oven-bake it.

This offers a mild and gentle manufacturing process, protecting the natural qualities of the raw ingredients in the best of ways. Ensuring the food for our best friends is as tasty, natural and well-balanced as is possible, free from unnecessary additives and other unwanted stuff.

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Shop straight from our web shop

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Where to find Magnussons’ Dog food – Find stores



We will admit, the Magnusson family is perhaps a bit unusual. For example, we are the only dog food manufacturers in Scandinavia who oven bake our dog food.  Oven baking is a slow process, which both requires more time and limits our production capacity. However, the advantages are so many that we actually feel it’s worthwhile.