Organic Dog Biscuits

Organic Dog Biscuits

Magnussons’ Organic Dog Biscuits are both a tasty and a sustainable treat. Oven-baked with loving care and primarily made from organic KRAV-certified ingredients from our local farmers, for conscious dog owners. A great taste, an enticing smell and your encouraging words make them the highlight of your dog’s day!

Composition (all ingredients of Swedish origin)

Ecological whole wheat flour*, cold pressed organic rapeseed oil* 5%, processed animal protein (beef and pork). * KRAV-approved ingredient

Analytical constituents

Protein 13%, fat content 8%, crude fibre 2,5%, carbohydrates (NFE) 64,5%, minerals (inorganic matter) 3%, Water 9%.
Metabolisable energy: 1400 kJ/100 g (according to the Swedish Board of Agriculture).

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Additives, per kg


Vitamin A 14000 IE
Vitamin D 1400 IE
Vitamin E 150 IE
Vitamin C L-Ascorbic acid 100 IE
Thiamine B1 10 mg
Riboflavin B2 12 mg
Pantothenic acid B5 25 mg
Niacin B3 60 mg
Pyridoxine B6 6 mg
Folic 1 mg
Biotin H 0,3 mg
Cyanocobalamin B12 0,1 mg
Choline 1500 mg

Trace elements

Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate 467 mg
Cupric sulphate, pentahydrate 42 mg,
Manganese oxide 45 mg
Zinc oxide 186 mg
Calcium iodate, anhydrous 2,2 mg
Sodium selenite 0,31 mg

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